Website Migration Services

If you are thinking to move your site from one system (CMS, Forum, etc) to another, we would more than happy to help you migrate your CMS to any other system you want.


Website migration is the process of transferring your data from one website or system to another. For example if your current system is WordPress and you want to migrate to Joomla or Drupal or even to Bludit, we can help you to make your website migration possible.

In most cases we are writing our own converters, to make sure that your data will be converted properly.

We can also migrate another system (eg a forum or a Wiki) to any CMS and the opposite. For example if you have a blog and you want to tranfer all the posts to any forum, or to tranfer only a part of it, so users can comment on the forum instead on blog, we can do it. Or if you want to connect your CMS to any forum and use the forum as comment system, we can do it.

When we are finish with your site, we will testing it 1-2 days in order to make sure that is working as it should. We are still with you, even weeks after the migration, to ensure that your system is working fine.

We also make sure that all your older links, are redirected permanently from one URL to another, to avoid harming your SEO.

Blogger To WordPress Converter

This service is aimed at helping blogspot ( bloggers move to WordPress, making sure all the content (posts and pages), permalinks, search engine traffic, images and comments remain working smoothly.

BBPress Topics To WordPress Posts Converter

This service is aimed at helping bloggers to convert bbpress topics to WP Posts, in case they want to remove bbpress and keep the blog, making sure all the topics content (images, categories), permalinks and comments remain working smoothly as regular posts.

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