Chronos CMS ™

Chronos CMS ™ is a project I’m currently working on.

In Greek, Chronos (/ˈkroʊnɒs/; Greek: Χρόνος; pronounced [kʰrónos]) means “time” and this is the idea behind Chronos CMS, to have everything you need, so you can have more time in content and spend less time updating and configuring your CMS.

Chronos CMS is an open source Blogging Platform prioritizes simplicity and speed written in PHP.

Chronos CMS can list any content based on date, type, category, tag, or author, and the performance will remain fast even if we have thousands of posts and hundreds of tags.

Chronos CMS is designed to run smoothly despite using minimal server specs.

I will update this page with more information and a demo page.

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