How to find the Wi-Fi password of your Network

When your computer is connected to a Wi-Fi network, it stores the details in case you want to connect to this network again. But what happens if you forgot the password that you had earlier used to connect to this particular WiFi network, or you want to connect another device to this network and you don’t have the password anymore? Let’s see how to find this password without using any software. Works on both Mac and Windows PCs. Read more

Installing and booting Windows XP from USB drive

When i was started to build a carPC, i was wondering how to put a Windows partition somewhere to protect the HDD from road’s vibrations and holes.I thought it was a good idea to run Windows XP off a USB stick that i just plug in when i need it, and boot from it. Thanks to the fantastic research of the people i credited below, finally i made it possible. I wanted an easy guide that allows creating a modified version of the Windows XP CD, for painless and transparent installation to as many systems as you want. Read more

How to install windows vista upgrade edition cheaper

Microsoft offers retail upgrade edition of Windows Vista as a cheaper option of existing users of Windows operating system such as Windows XP to upgrade to Windows Vista without paying the full price. However, the Vista upgrade DVD or upgrade key requires users to first install their previous version of Windows OS and then upgrade in-place to Vista. With this trick, you can buy the ultimate upgrade edition ($249.99 from and install it like the full edition ($379.99). Read more