Return to 80’s with the first trailer for the Mini Nes

More than a new special version of its classic console, the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition (Mini NES) will be a hit of nostalgia for gamers who grew up playing incredible games. Nintendo knows this and this is reason that, to commemorate his announcement, has released a special trailer that similarly makes commercials tribute to 80 of the console. Read more

Retrode and other Retro-consoles

In the last years, Retro gaming has started to win ground. Hundreds of games are already released for the latest consoles, many YouTube channels started to review these old gems and many sites are sharing info and many more stuff for these games, making new gamers to learn more about and of course, play these games. Read more

Project AM2R

Metroid games are my favorites and i am talking about the 2Ds. I love their action, the exploration they provide and of course, the music which follows the game’s atmosphere. I have finished all the Metroid games, expect the Metroid II for the GB, because i don’t like the small screen GB has. But now it’s time to play it again with this remake. Read more

Metroid Hacks

Metroid games are all pretty great. Even today, many gamers still playing them (i am talking for the 8/16 bit games and from the GBA, as the rest are trash). There are many modders who are releasing some cool hacks, giving a different view in those gems. Read more