Hi-Res Music

Since olden days (and of course with the help of various Hi-tech magazines), the home cinema (and sound quality in general) ‘trend’ got my and some friends of mine. Our attempts to get the best sound possible, have to do with tests on various amplifiers, various “patents” and tricks to improve the sound, buying good speakers (but also build them with the best materials), god quality cables and connectors and generally we tested any idea, at a time when the information was shared by people who knew their stuff or the magazines. Continue reading “Hi-Res Music”

Turn Raspberry Pi in an always on download machine

A problem that many PC users are facing, especially those who have a power PC, is that when they want to download a huge file from the internet, they have to leave their PC open, something can may affect their electricity bill. Here is a tutorial on how to make a cheap Raspberry Pi an always on download machine. Continue reading “Turn Raspberry Pi in an always on download machine”