Play Any Game From GameHouse Without Limits

This guide will show you how to play all the games from GameHouse without limits.

Universal Patch For All Game
Included Patches for “Platypus” and “Feeding Frenzy”+ “Magic Inlay”
Added Patching any *.bin Files [“Adv Inlay” game]

ATTENTION !!! Don’t Patch dll in game “Platypus” and “Feeding Frenzy” by step for ***res.dlll – cancel this step,and Patching this games only specials step by this patch…

How Use (General) :
1.Download the game you want and install it.
2.Find in game folder file was name ****res.dll ( 25-30kB)
3.Patching this file.
4.Run The Game.

How Use For “Platypus” and “Feeding Frenzy”
1.Install Game
2.Run Patch v1.2
3.Push Button “Next” Step by Step and find needed dll
in the patche’s window
4.Find in Game folder original dll
5.Patch this dll – push on button “Patch” or “Finish”
6.Run The Game

How To Use for ” Magic Inlay”
Patch File magic.dat in the installed game’s folder. Another steps not needed (push “NEXT” )

How To Use for “Adv Inlay”
1.Install Game
2.Find in game folder file was name ***.bin ( 25-30kB)
3.Patching this file.
4.Run The Game

1.Any Files for Patching have a 25-30kB size,if you found file greater – this is not file for patch and you can’t patch it!!!
2.You can rename file-protector in *.bin or *res.dll and try patching this file and rename after patch by original name.. Try this hint, if patch don’t work in normal use…[Not Guaranteed !!!]

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