Get a whateveryouwant Windows Live Messenger ID

Do you want to have Windows Live Messenger with the [email protected] ID? Read this guide to make one.

Go to to apply for an ID. Click on “Signup”.

Put this in your address bar before type anything.
javascript: var p = 'whateveryouwant.'; var ds = new Array('com','whateveryouwant'); for (var i = 0; i < ds.length; i++){document.getElementById('idomain').options[i] = new Option(p +ds[i], p + ds[i])} alert('domains added');

Replace the "whateveryouwant" in the script above with your own.
Type any other info needed and when finish you will have the ID you want.


  1. [quote author=snowPhoenix79 link=topic=789.msg1485#msg1485 date=1172338157]yo it works, i made an account actually two, but I can't check my email with the account? any solutions to that?[/quote]help anyone?

  2. hey, can u tell me a way how to add a domain name to this site too? thx

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