Convert SMF 2.1 to phpBB 3.1

If you tried the newest version of SMF (2.1 beta) and you want to move to phpBB 3.1, you have to do some tricks in order to convert successfully your board.

First you need to download phpBB 3.0.14 from here and install it. Then download the SMF to phpBB convertor for SMF2.0RC2 from here.

Extract the contents from the convertor and open the file “convert_smf20.php” with a text editor. At lines “406” and “418”, change this:

array('rank_image', 'membergroups.stars', 'smf_rank_image'),

to this:

array('rank_image', 'membergroups.icons', 'smf_rank_image'),

Last, in the same file, comment out the lines “751, 765, 767, 768, 769, 770, 771, 786“. Now, upload the files to your server and start the conversion.

Next, you have to upgrade from 3.0.14 to 3.1. Follow the instructions from here.


  1. Thanks “406” and “418”, change convertor work. new error after a long time

    Unknown column ‘members.gender’ in ‘field list’ [1054]

    How can I solve this problem?


    General Error:
    SQL ERROR [ mysqli ]

    Unknown column ‘members.gender’ in ‘field list’ [1054]


    SELECT members.id_member, members.id_member AS poster_id, members.is_activated, members.id_group, members.member_ip, members.date_registered, members.real_name, members.member_name, members.passwd, members.password_salt, members.posts, members.email_address, members.birthdate, members.gender, members.last_login, members.lngfile, members.time_offset, members.time_format, members.signature, membergroups.id_group, members.avatar, members.avatar AS avatar_type, members.unread_messages, members.hide_email FROM smf_members members LEFT JOIN smf_membergroups AS membergroups ON members.id_group = membergroups.id_group WHERE (members.id_member > 0) ORDER BY members.id_member ASC LIMIT 2000
    in file C:\wamp\www\bb\phpbb\db\driver\driver.php on line 997


    FILE: (not given by php)
    LINE: (not given by php)
    CALL: installer_msg_handler()

    FILE: [ROOT]/phpbb/db/driver/driver.php
    LINE: 997
    CALL: trigger_error()

    FILE: [ROOT]/phpbb/db/driver/mysqli.php
    LINE: 193
    CALL: phpbb\db\driver\driver->sql_error()

    FILE: [ROOT]/phpbb/db/driver/mysql_base.php
    LINE: 45
    CALL: phpbb\db\driver\mysqli->sql_query()

    FILE: [ROOT]/phpbb/db/driver/driver.php
    LINE: 270
    CALL: phpbb\db\driver\mysql_base->_sql_query_limit()

    FILE: [ROOT]/install/convert/convertor.php
    LINE: 702
    CALL: phpbb\db\driver\driver->sql_query_limit()

    FILE: [ROOT]/install/convert/controller/convertor.php
    LINE: 370
    CALL: phpbb\convert\convertor->convert_data()

    FILE: (not given by php)
    LINE: (not given by php)
    CALL: phpbb\convert\controller\convertor->convert()

    FILE: [ROOT]/vendor/symfony/http-kernel/HttpKernel.php
    LINE: 135
    CALL: call_user_func_array()

    FILE: [ROOT]/vendor/symfony/http-kernel/HttpKernel.php
    LINE: 57
    CALL: Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\HttpKernel->handleRaw()

    FILE: [ROOT]/install/app.php
    LINE: 61
    CALL: Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\HttpKernel->handle()

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