Super Smash Bros knock off releases for Mobile in China tomorrow

Along with Sepia Go!, Today has been released in the App Stores of China a new game called Pocket Smash Bros. All-Stars which, as can be read in the description of the title, is a crossover fight with several of the characters we’ve seen appear in Super Smash Bros. Along with this also highlights the presence of various elements of their interfaces and gameplay, which are nothing but the same as we have seen already in other popular games the big N. Read more

Trailer from Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap (known as Monster World II, Dragon’s Curse and some other variations) is often remembered as one of the best games consoles 8 bits, originally developed by Westone and published between 1989 and 1992 for the Sega Master System, PC Engine / TurboGrafx and portable Game Gear. Read more

Hi-Res Music

Since olden days (and of course with the help of various Hi-tech magazines), the home cinema (and sound quality in general) ‘trend’ got my and some friends of mine. Our attempts to get the best sound possible, have to do with tests on various amplifiers, various “patents” and tricks to improve the sound, buying good speakers (but also build them with the best materials), god quality cables and connectors and generally we tested any idea, at a time when the information was shared by people who knew their stuff or the magazines. Read more

Project AM2R

Metroid games are my favorites and i am talking about the 2Ds. I love their action, the exploration they provide and of course, the music which follows the game’s atmosphere. I have finished all the Metroid games, expect the Metroid II for the GB, because i don’t like the small screen GB has. But now it’s time to play it again with this remake. Read more