Why I Am A Retro Gamer

Nowadays, with Full HD graphics, new generation consoles and 4K graphics getting our minds, we could definitely say that playing with old school games is a waste of time at least, since the new games offer both good graphics and fun. But how fun the new games are? Read more

Best torrent sites for 2016

Torrent sites are changing, after the closing of many popular torrent -and not- sites and for sure, it will change again in the future, as you can’t have a favorite site anymore, you don’t know when it will go down. For now, let’s see some of the best torrent sites for 2016. Read more

Retrode and other Retro-consoles

In the last years, Retro gaming has started to win ground. Hundreds of games are already released for the latest consoles, many YouTube channels started to review these old gems and many sites are sharing info and many more stuff for these games, making new gamers to learn more about and of course, play these games. Read more