Capcom will relaunch the Mega Man 2 and Mega Man X cartridges

Given the success achieved with the retro red cartridge of Street Fighter II for SNES, Capcom has decided to repeat the formula but with two other great classics: Mega Man 2 and Mega Man X. Also, the Japanese company announced their plans to launch a couple of cartridges with the original design of their beloved games.

The two titles are manufactured by the company I Am 8bit, and can be preordered on their official site for a price of $100 (each) and they will be on sale in September. As expected, the two games will be sold in limited pieces (8,500 each), of which only a thousand of them will have a blue casing that shines in the dark.

As would be expected, the two games are fully functional in the original consoles for which they were launched (NES and SNES) and will be packaged in a box with original packaging design that also includes instructions and commemorative art.

There is no doubt that these are two great collectibles that no Mega Man fan should hesitate to get.

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