Play Steam games free

This guide will cover all the possible ways to play steam games for free

Before starting, make sure you will use any blank account (make a new one) and not your LEGIT steam account.

This content will be updated every time a new method is out.
New Method – Updated February 14
(All the old methods are removed)
This method will show you how to download the most games from Steam. First you need the latest steam client.Get it from steam’s site.

Now before start, you need to know the games you can download with cracked steam client. Counter-Strike Source (Needs Mini-GCF)
Half-Life 2 Deathmatch
Garry’s Mod
Team Fortress Classic (Needs Half-Life)
Deathmatch Classic (Needs Half-Life)
Ricochet (Needs Half-Life)
Day of Defeat (Needs Half-Life)
Red Orchestra
Day of Defeat Source
Rag Doll Kung Fu
Poker Superstars II
All PopCap Games

Here is a trick based on a steam’s bug to get some other games like Half-Life 2, Gumboy Crazy Features, Zen of Sudoku, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic (Singleplayer).

Install the Steam client and let it to update. Log in into your account (a blank) and let it to update again. Now from main menu, click on store and select the demos from find more (on the right). Select a game would you like to try (there is not any way to get all the games, you should try first).

On the next page, click to install the game

When finish, select to open steam my games list (so you can track the dl progress).

As you can see, the demo starting to download (no servers error of course).

Now close the steam client and apply the patch from this post (attached to post).Keep the original files (backup).
Now reopen the steam. You will see the Full Versions of this Games in the Gamelist under "Installed".

Then you just have to update this Games so they become the Full Version.
So when you finish, you should have the full game content.
For The Steam servers are currently too busy error, the best method is to have the full GCF’s in steamapps folder and the game must be 100%.

How to patch the client
First delete all the contents from your Steam folder.Install and let it update.Login and let it update again.Now get the patch and steam.cfg files (attached to the link above). Copy Patch and Steam.cfg into your Steam Directory and execute the patcher.

When a new Steam update is out, rename the Steam.cfg to Steam.cfg.old (or whatever you want).

Now let steam Update. After its updated rename back the Steam.cfg.old to Steam.cfg and execute the patch again.

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  1. [url=]Back to article[/url][quote]This guide will cover all the possible ways to play steam games for free [br][br]Before starting, make sure you will use any blank account (make a new one) a. . .[/quote]your first link doesnt work

  2. yes, i've got that problem too, hl2 + dm for hl2 working good ๐Ÿ™‚ but no one more, :(I think maybe download install of other game(few megs, for 1%?) And resume? But I dont have install of any other steam game:|, if someone have – rapidshare or megaupload and paste. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

  3. how come when i try to download gti racing it says servers are too busy but i can play half life 1 but can't connect to servers and i dwnloaded counter strike:source and half life 2:deathmatch but when i double click on them it says "preparing to launch ……" and den nothing comes up

  4. how come when i try to install Counter Strike Source it says that "your purchase is still being processed…"?!?HL2 and HL2 Deathmatch is downloading fine, but others dont.whats wrong?

  5. kick ass now i can have a cheating account -_- any way i dont cheat but hey good guide!!!!! now we have to wonder when steam will fix this……

  6. [quote author=FLE KRAD link=topic=487.msg725#msg725 date=1157847160]how come when i try to install Counter Strike Source it says that "your purchase is still being processed…"?!?HL2 and HL2 Deathmatch is downloading fine, but others dont.whats wrong?[/quote]Some games can't be played with patched steam.[quote author=nooberzlawl12345678987654321 link=topic=487.msg732#msg732 date=1158347598]how can you make it so it doesnt say "server too busy"[/quote]It sounds like you didn't patched the steam properly.Try again.I am updating the forums and a Steam board is under construction.Please wait…

  7. After it got done patching it said "ERROR -_-" or something and now my STEAM doesnt WORK!!!EDIT: NVM I found the backup files… but the patcher still doesnt work for me…All I have to do is close steam… run the patcher and thats it right? DO i have to fill in the "Steam News URL" part of the patcher?And BTW none of those accounts seem to work for me.

  8. I think i worked it out, you have to have the games downloaded first, ive used steam for a long time, when i did this hack it let me play all my games on as many accounts as i liked. BUT it wouldnt let me download any new games….Plus i couldnt log into any of the valvecafe accounts you gave in the .txt, wrong passwords…. :S

  9. [quote author=spadge link=topic=487.msg743#msg743 date=1158595701]where are the backup files?? it happened to me too![/quote]theyre in the Steam folder with their names ending in .baklike Steam.dll is Steam.dll.bakBut yea I think steam  updated before I could use the hack because now it doesnt work @ all.And those Valvecafe accounts dont work.

  10. I ALSO get the error saying that the steam servers are too busy. Ive tried to reinstall a fresh copy of steam and patch 3 times. Still gives me the same error. Plz help meI can show u a screenshot if necessary.Zues plz be my savior lol


  12. The link for patch:,doc_download/gid,4/Itemid,51/As you can see,in newest steam clients, you can't browse any game until you activate them via Steam.The only way right now is to use the client and play games offline.To view the guide plz read [url=,com_smf/Itemid,53/topic,493.0]this[/url] topic.@ Bujandric:With Offline method you can play HL1.Check the images below:[img][/img][img][/img]

  13. I am trying another method to play/download online games from Steam.Right now i can't tell if this method works ( i got many errors), but i will tell you asap (due to limit free time i have).See some photos below:[img][/img][img][/img][img][/img][img][/img]

  14. dude, i want to play online. Anyone can play offline, you can use WON and Steamless. That's easy as pie. But ONLINE is the true challenge.

  15. So no 1 can download the patches unless they have vip access??? What about ppl that are poor and need patches like this to play the games, they cannot afford to send 15 dollars to u viz paypal to get VIP access to download the patches. And u claim no 1 says thank u, but this is indeeed not tru. U make every1 day when u upload the patches for games like this. And most of them said omg omg thank u very much. I jus think its unfare that your making it so we cannot download the files unless we pay 15 dollars, or post a hack. We are not hackers thats y we need this site. How can we post a hack if we cannot create it. Anyways plz reconsider your proposal for mandatory vip access to download the patches. Some of us cannot get granted this.Thank u for your timeBtw this is directed at zues which im guessing owns the site

  16. [quote author=almightysponge link=topic=487.msg841#msg841 date=1162399009]This hack looks really good, however i cant download, it says i need to be authorized!?![/quote]U have to get access from zues…unfortunatly he been offline for 5 days ๐Ÿ™

  17. guys I cant download this file can someone plz upload it on MegaUpload or YouSendIt just not RapidShare it doesnt work 4 me. PLZ!!!!

  18. Yes, VIP limitation is removed.About latest method plz note, if this not works for you, may steam has fixed this method.Every day i am looking for new hacks and methods to add in the site.So if something is no longer works, wait for another method.

  19. how do you make the steam account manger come out and the master passwrod thing……….when i download method 1 there was nothing but steam.dll,steamui.dll,and steam.cfg

  20. …bad news guys..I do get it! I do everything that here but i can do anthing..! the patch is totally diferent of those…can help me,plx? tkx… ๐Ÿ™

  21. Plz help i installed steam then i made a account logged on with it then exited then double clicked the patch program brose for the directory then patched it shaid patch complete then i click run steam and it says steam.exe(something)something about steamUI.dll plz help i wanna play kung fo rag doll and cs

  22. when i do i open steam it works then when steam comes up when im log in an error comes up buffer overrun detected Program:C:Steamsteam.exe a buffer overrun has been detected which has corrupted the programs internal state. This program cannot run safely continue excuction and must now be terminated PLZ HELP

  23. I found two valid accounts.Read [url=,com_smf/Itemid,53/topic,501.msg1019/,#new]here[/url].Also, some solutions:[b]Login to steam failed [/b]if you get that, delete the file "ClientRegistery.blob" from your steam floder.[b]Steam id Ticket Expired[/b]You've got a steam without a 1.6 or source.[b]Steam has refused[/b]Your userid and password wont work with this steam – insert another account.I hope to help some ppl.

  24. OMG ive found a hack which gets you all games uncluding cod2 just download the atached file extract the steam patcher to your steam folder run it then patch it run steam and have fun

  25. Hey i guess i came a few months too late eh? Turns out,Steam; has now blocked all abbounts with the word "valve" or "steam" in the account name… I have tried the patch and it always comes with an error  ( "-.-" ) and i tried everything… If any of you have figured out any successfull way to do get free games, please email me, thanks.. [email protected]

  26. ??? ??? ??? I can't find the exe for step one! I downloaded the file but theres only a few .dll files and other stuff, no .exe ๐Ÿ™ and I downloaded the patcher, that worked, kinda, it finished, said error, then I pressed 'launch steam' but the program dleted it or did somthing! can someone help me???  I only want HL2, and Counter strike source, just so I can play garrys mod ๐Ÿ™ seems like alot just to play a mod XD

  27. when i do i open steam it works then when steam comes up when im log in an error comes up buffer overrun detected Program:C:Steamsteam.exe a buffer overrun has been detected which has corrupted the programs internal state. This program cannot run safely continue excuction and must now be terminated  ??? Please help everything else worked exept for that  :-[ :-[ :-[Are you working on a new guide Zeus??? I got banned from steam for having a hacking program on my computer wtf is that? can anyone give me an account PLEASE

  28. Its No work Purchase optins stayed.when i patched and i will go start i get this ERROR messeage: steam.exe (main exception): Unable to load library SteamUI.dllPlease somebody help on me.Email:[email protected]

  29. When everything work i get this messeage while i starting(i writed in my Datas)STEAM.exe(main exception):Win32 structuredException at 0333DC20 : Attempt to write to visual adress 270910948 without appropirate acces rights.WTF IS this???pls help me

  30. I just tested and i can tell that the patched steam works fine.Anyway, i have some patches i will upload tomorrow (after some tests).

  31. unable to load libraby steamUI.dll can anybody help me fix this. the is for both methods 1 and 2. thnxs to anybody that could help figer this out!!!

  32. [quote author=melisa link=topic=487.msg1067#msg1067 date=1165351867]unable to load libraby steamUI.dll can anybody help me fix this. the is for both methods 1 and 2. thnxs to anybody that could help figer this out!!![/quote]Download the method 1 file it has the SteamUI.dll

  33. Steam.exe (main exception) : Unable to load library SteamUI.dll This is what I get after I run Patcher. I point it to steam and seems to patch fine. Says Complete (or whatever it says) then I choose to "start steam" from the patcher or from stam and I get the error above. Whats wrong here?

  34. dragonslayer said something about a steampatcher shit that says that it adds the games to ur steam. when it doesnt. the third mothod works with only two accounts that Zues posted.But it sucks because people kick u off the server because there are using the account too. i dont know why u cant change the password wtf. i think Zues should ty to find more accounts that work and tell use how to change the password because they can not be change. plz anyone that knows how to change the passwords help me. u put the right password and shit and then ty to change it but it doesnt work, it says that it is the wrong password even if u put the right one. thnx to anybody that can help!!! DAm i need this shit!!! plz help someone…

  35. the steamul.dll doesnt work dude even from the method one becasue then it says buffer overflow or something likethat and it doesnt work. the 3 method works but to many poeple use the accoutns and they kick u off.Zues u really need to help with the patch because that doesnt work. u said it does but it deosnt!!! so plz help ???

  36. 1. All those passwords are not working and 2. When I install the patches, Steam either will log in but not show any windows or Tray Icon OR it will just bring up some lame error…

  37. i think someone should hack the vavle and steams database and should hack them for good and also give the accounts to use. steam is stupid. some tell me how to hack steam and i will do it. or create a tuturial on showing how to hack them. plz some do it already.

  38. valvecafepc are usernames and the ones beneith them are pw. dude type these accounts and pw corectly or else they wont work. use capital and lower case letter just like the pw says and u will have no prombleming getting in the accounts!!! Zues we need more accounts. plz help!!!

  39. dude ur steam.dll shit doesnt work. well it works but it doesnt add any games to steam so whats the point.thats the origial steam.dll from it suppose to be crack version so it adds game up for download to are steam accounts. dude this is hacking steam if u didnt know.  ;D

  40. Ok i am trying to get startedbut when i run the patch it says steam.exe could not be found what do i click to run the patch like what documents? is it in program files?

  41. dude where is Zues he hasn't posted anything in days or week. those anybody know his msn or aim screen name so i could add him and ask for myself ;D

  42. [b]Update 12/12/2006[/b]Install Steam (in a new location if you have another installed).Install the client from steam's site and not a patched or cracked ready.I haven't try the patched files i've attached in this post with any patched client.When finsih, let it update itself.Log in and it will update itself again. CLOSE the steam.Be sure steam is not running in system tray.Now download [url=;topic=487.0;attach=48]this[/url] file.Contains patched files.Replace with the files inside steam's folder.Try to login again.You should see the game list.[b]Before[/b][img][/img][b]After[/b][img][/img][b]Server Busy Error[/b][img][/img]If you got an "Server Busy" error when tried to download a game, try this:Download [url=;topic=487.0;attach=49]this[/url] tool.It's a frontend.Put it on the same folder you just put the patched files.Run it and select "FreeSteam Cafe" before click "Login".Don't need to enter a name with this option.[img][/img]Now try to download the game you want.[img][/img]Hope this help.

  43. HAHAHA this definately has worked for me.Sooo easy too.[b]THANK YOU ZEUS. APPRECIATE IT.[/b]hopefully they dont catch this too soon and patch it.

  44. Sorry to break the news so early but steam has caught someone and has patched this file and it wont work anymore. it says that u have been disconeected and that u dont own this game. Sorry Zues u ty so hard and at the end the fucken steam still caught these updates. i just played for two hours and they patched this shit. Wtf how do they know.Sorry Zues but this doesnt work anymore. only the cafe work. but to much people on it kicking u off all the time. what i did at first was that i let the cafe account download the counter strike and then went to my new account made by me and then luach cs 1.6 and it worked like that. if u had that error message that what u should of done!!! Zues i think they find out so fast because they probably seach forum taht have anything to do with steam.And find out that way. i think u should tell people about these patches on there email. my is [email protected] if u find anything email me!!! thnx for these updates!!! I HATE STEAM!!!   :-X fucken fags! took this shit off so fast!  :'(

  45. [quote author=JackLiu92 link=topic=487.msg1113#msg1113 date=1165978675]I got the same problem with Method 2…Unable to load liberary SteamUI.dll.[/quote]Plz Retry. Re download the client from steam and install to a new folder (like steam2 f.e.).Let it update TWO TIMES before apply the patched files.[quote author=karotojr link=topic=487.msg1119#msg1119 date=1165990401]It works!!!! Zeus please try to find cracked Australian Servers :)[/quote]I couldn't find any active server.[quote author=melisa link=topic=487.msg1115#msg1115 date=1165982782]Sorry to break the news so early but steam has caught someone and has patched this file and it wont work anymore.[/quote]I just tried and it works…If the first time you took the login error, close the frontend and retry as many times as you can login.The frontend retries various keys.See an image in action just a few minutes ago (check the vista's side bar for hour and date as a proof of working)[url=][/url]As for emails, may i will make a private forum to members (with a number of post) only.We will see…When i have free time, i will make a pack with cracked client.

  46. NO Zues i mean when u make ur account and then u patch it with the steam.dll and steam.cfg. then u get all the games and then download the game and install it. then when u go to play cs and find a server and join it. it says you are disconnect.ur steam doesnt own this game. please login into another account that owns this game. but the valvesteamcafepc account s work but to much people are on one and tehy kcik u off to much times. i did the patch and i was playing cs.everything worked. but when i loged onto steam and then went to cs and enter a server it says u have been disconnect error because i dont own this game. by the way if u got the steam busy server error u should ty installing the game from a cafe account.then logout and login into your account and then u would be able to play.but know the patch doesnt work-the one u login into ur own account ans ty going to server it doesnt work steam has patched it.but the cafe accounts still work. i tying to find a way to bypass that error when connecting to a server on ur own account.Zues i dont know how they find out so ???

  47. Melisa the files are patches another words a cracked steam… you can only play cracked servers. You have 3 options1. Buy the game and play without any problems2. Use the valve account3. Find cracked servers and go in themAlso a hack to play any server (including VAC2 servers) is not out yet  ๐Ÿ™

  48. it worked! damn zeus your name lives up to our expectations.. a GOD! But i need some cracked counter strike 1.6 servers.. can you find some good servers please? and im hoping to play counter with you zeus!

  49. btw just a tip, if you used to method on page 7 and you accidentally log in on your real account then you can simple exit steam, go to your steam folder and delete the Steam.cfg and all the hacked games will just dissapear after it has auto updated

  50. how to make method on page 7 to work:Make sure your steam account has been run before hand on steam and has fully updated then do the following:Basically, you download the 2 files at the bottom, the cafe rar is not needed but is handy at the same time, you then extract the files inside the steam.rar (i think its called) which are steam.cfg and steam.dll into your steam folder(c:program filesvalvesteam)after this is done run your steam and log into your steam account and click the 'My Games' tab at the top, once on this menu scroll down through the lsit of games, most games will say 'The Steam servers are currently too busy to handle your request. Please try again in a few minutes' but a few will just install and downloadHope this cleared a few things up :D-Redemption

  51. For the people whos says Steam server to busy that means theres an error in the server or its overused and it normal youll just have to wait

  52. [quote author=fostoscsibe link=topic=487.msg1133#msg1133 date=1166261557]m้กฎem olyan ablak j๏ฟฝ๏ฟฝe aminek kellene???[/quote]In English please…@ Redemption: Thanks for the tip.The second file i've uploaded was for starting and downloading directly using the steamcafe accounts.

  53. [quote author=ukrdennis link=topic=487.msg1141#msg1141 date=1166378641]hey i did that patching thing and when i press start it says erroe could not load steamUI.dll[/quote]For method 2, i think you have to run the patcher whilst its in your steam folder, so cut and paste it into your steam folder then run it and patch the files (i havnt yet tried method 2)@ Zeus – On method 1 you dont get an exe from the donwlong files, plz post a link to stop the confusion and 'Theres no .exe in the download!?!?!?!' complaints

  54. For everyone that thinks that steam has patched it… [b]THEY HAVE NOT PATCHED IT[/b] i tried it today and it still works just do exactly what the guide tells you to do and you got all the games  ;D

  55. dude yes it works but only the cracked servers. all the other server dont work. it did for about 12 hours but then they fould out and patched that. when getting in the server it says that u are disconnected. ur steam account doesnt own this game.And the steam cafe account prefectly but to much people use it and thats bullshit because they always kick u off.

  56. download the SteamCafe file, run it once its in your Steam folder (C:Program filesvalvesteam) (normally) and then click Cracked Steam and when you run a game you downloaded it should find servers that you can join, also in the forum there is a list with all servers that can be played with the cracked games

  57. All COOL THANKSBut i got 1 more problem :(When i try join all servers it get this m,esseage:Your Steam Not own this game login with the correct account

  58. chinq (message above) is right the SteamCafe no longer works (i just tried and tested it)non of the Valve cafe accounts work and the cracked steam just logs into the legit account now, so it doesnt instantly find cracked servers@ Zeus, btw i searched the internet and found a program called Darksteam im jsut donwlaoding and going to test it to see if it works, and is safe, if it does i will post links (torrent)EDITI cant find a torrent with seeds/ a download site, so it looks like an old file so it probs won't work, even thought it says it works on Steam 3 (which is our current steam)So, unless anyone can find a link to working version (with seeds if torrent) then we cant use it ๐Ÿ™

  59. It is cracked steam you cannot play in servers only cracked ones. and no one has yet to make a patch to make you go into any server

  60. [url=,com_smf/Itemid,53/action,profile/u,6]Kraken[/url] has sent me a Steam Client packed.Check this [url=,doc_download/gid,13/Itemid,51/]here[/url]

  61. Hi im new i just got the newest patch and the cybercafe file but the login part is all over the place can i have some help?Without the cybercafe file it does not let me download So i really need some help :(EDIT:Never Mind i use steam plus and that has a download game feature ^^EDIT2:Where can i get COD 1 , COD:UO Gcf files from because the valvecafe accounts dont have emDont upload them with megaupload or rapidshare because they dont work with me

  62. Ok so what you need to do is…1.Download the File Kraken sent Zeus 2 or 3 replies above2.Unzip that where you want it to be installed, or you can do it over top of a previos steam folder3.Go into the folder you unzipped and execute the SteamPlus.exe file4.From here you can log into steam cracked with the "Cracked Steam" option5.If cracked steam says server is to busy, exit steam, execute SteamPlus again, and click "Download Steam Games"6. Go to the games window and pick whatever games you want to install, and install them7.Dont play from this window though, logout and log back in with cracked steam under your accountand there you go steam games free via Zeus and Kraken

  63. I need helpI no wanna cracked servers in gmod10i get this bug when i join any serversDisconnect: This Steam account does not own this game. Please login to the correct Steam account. please help me ???BUt everything is cool i can downlopad all games but cant join to the servers 8)

  64. As far as you know, to play in legit steam servers is not possible at this time.However, if anyone has a problem with the files, read the updated tutorial hope this time anyone can install and download.I made this the simplest method (in my opinion).

  65. hello fellow n00bs,yes it all seems that the new steam update messes up the cracked steam. So people can't seem to connect or launch the cracked application. Here's what you do if you want to play all games offline : 1. go to your steamapps folder found in the cracked steam directory2. cut all .gcf files and/or account folders and paste into a temp directory3. uninstall cracked steam 4. reinstall cracked steam and disable ALL INTERNET ACESSS so steam doesnt update5. now you can launch the cracked steam exe and click on play offline but don't click download games or else steam will try to update it again.hope this works ! :^)see screenshot:"

  66. It keeps giving me an error with the new methodPlatform Error: bad module 'Servers/serverbrowser.dll', not loadingI followed the instructions to the dot.

  67. [quote author=Iwanthackstest link=topic=487.msg1332#msg1332 date=1168654406]It keeps giving me an error with the new methodPlatform Error: bad module 'Servers/serverbrowser.dll', not loadingI followed the instructions to the dot.[/quote]ok some people have told me that doesnt work. so here is my solution. when you are presented with that error mesage click ok immediately. Then, go to your steam folder and launch steam.exe again. it should work.

  68. That method does work sumtimes as said in the post above me ^ @ all the nubs that say "Zeus make a new hack"Go ask hCUPa to make one, hes an uber guy for making cracked steam (plus i think his cracked client atm works)

  69. trying over and over again.  maybe 10+ times.  Most the time i deleted the new steam folder, but a few times I left it htere. 1 of 2 things happened:-Prompts for "D" -> Copys stuff over or w/e -> Tells me its pulling and to press any key, I do -> steam loads, updates, I login, more update, I close steam after -> it goes through the rest of its stuff -> at the end, it claims it should work, but hwne steam trys to start, it says SteamUI.dll could not be loaded.Sum it up: STEAMUI.DLL is broken-Goes through the process, but after I hit any key, it doesnt wait for steam to load and update -> goes to the end and closes itself, steam then loads and updates, but ServerBrowser.dll doesnt work.Sum it up: SERVERBROWSER.DLL is brokenI have tried opening steam right after, as you said, but it doesnt fix it.  I tried copying over the steamui from my uncracked steam, but steam still cant load it.  and I also copied over the serverbrowser.dll, but steam still wont load it.

  70. [quote author=Redemption link=topic=487.msg1358#msg1358 date=1169246059]i use AVG and get the result that its a trojan, it aint really, plus Zeus wouldnt do that =][/quote]Of course and i wouldn't do that.Maybe the way the script uses to put/rename/rewrite the files, causes the AVG to tell you that its a trojan.[quote author=karotojr link=topic=487.msg1361#msg1361 date=1169333970]Steam has patched it so wait for a new method of getting the steam games for free[/quote]The new method is out.[b]How to[/b]First delete all the contents from your Steam folder.Then download the Steam Client from Steam's site again (to be sure that you have the latest).Install and let it update.Login and let it update again.Now get the patch and steam.cfg files (attached to this post).Copy Patch and Steam.cfg into your Steam Directory and execute the patcherWhen a new Steam update is out, rename the [b]Steam.cfg[/b] to Steam.cfg.old (or whatever you want). Now let steam Update. After its updated rename back the [b]Steam.cfg.old[/b] to Steam.cfg and execute the patch again.For [b]The Steam servers are currently too busy[/b] error, the best method is to have the full [url=,com_smf/Itemid,80/topic,705.0]GCF's[/url] in steamapps folder and the game must be 100%.From the latest patched steam:When i tried to dl HalfLife:[img][/img]And when i put the GCF[img][/img]

  71. I've updated the guide.You can read [url=]here[/url].Test it before steam fix this.

  72. oh yea and when i put the patch and steam file in my folder and execute the patch, a black screen comes up and says Cannot Find Steam.dll, please press any key to continue… what do I do?

  73. it launches but when u play it will say ([b]STEAM ACCOUNT DOES NOT OWN THIS GAME PLEASE LOGGIN TO [/b] [b]THE CORRECT STEAM ACCOUNT[/b]) what do i ??? do HELP

  74. So, can you play online with other people… Or can you only play on cracked servers? I know about cracked servers from another product that really sucked.

  75. [quote author=pinoy04 link=topic=487.msg1509#msg1509 date=1173607674]it launches but when u play it will say ([b]STEAM ACCOUNT DOES NOT OWN THIS GAME PLEASE LOGGIN TO [/b] [b]THE CORRECT STEAM ACCOUNT[/b]) what do i ??? do HELP[/quote]me too. have i do anything ?? will be there a solution?

  76. [quote author=Murderer link=topic=487.msg1572#msg1572 date=1175540977][quote author=pinoy04 link=topic=487.msg1509#msg1509 date=1173607674]it launches but when u play it will say ([b]STEAM ACCOUNT DOES NOT OWN THIS GAME PLEASE LOGGIN TO [/b] [b]THE CORRECT STEAM ACCOUNT[/b]) what do i ??? do HELP[/quote]me too. have i do anything ?? will be there a solution?[/quote]That depends on which game your playingCheck this site for some css cracked servers (cod aswell) [url=][/url]

  77. also try this one[url=][/url]It has practically all Steam games, and most of the sevrers listed are cracked, not all but most.

  78. Can i go right to join server and join a game that isnt VAC sacured or am i stuck with these specific server sites? I want to know cause i want to play gmod with my friends.Edit: also this thing doesnt seem to like offline mode anymore for me. i can get it to work right for me offline.

  79. i know i havent been on here for a while but  yeah i just want all them free games, anyone have them codes to enable the games? or a program as such?

  80. [b]Unable to find the following files:G:Gamescounter strikeCounter-Strike_20SourceCounter-Strike Sourcesteam.exeG:Gamescounter strikeCounter-Strike_20SourceCounter-Strike Sourcesteamappscounter-strike source shared.gcfG:Gamescounter strikeCounter-Strike_20SourceCounter-Strike SourceSteamApps*counter-strike sourceHL2.exe[/b][b]for game Counter-Strike: Source.Please double check the path, and try again.[/b]this is what i get when i try to Patch the game to xfire….Xfire cannot detect the game….actually there is no EXE file….. there is a launcher which launches the… launcher also launches HL2… can i make Xfire read the Game???and there is no steam exe file also!I took this game from my friend…..should i buy my own game ???

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